Forced ventilation load bank

Modular design

Delta Resistance offers a range of standardized forced-ventilation load banks up to 1200KW.
Above 1200KW, our design office will provide you with a customized offer.
Horizontal ventilation is standard - vertical ventilation is available according to your specifications.

Tests and Standards - circular of December 8, 2006

Circular DHOS/E4 n° 2006-393
The law requires full testing of generators (load ramp-up - full load - load impact). In view of the frequency of new standards for buildings open to the public, the acquisition of test equipment is rapidly proving to be cost-effective, and gives you full control over your resources.
Please note: there is still confusion between reactive power in KVoltsAmpere and power in Watt. A 100KVA generator MUST BE TESTED AT 100KW RESISTIVE. Conversion with a factor of P (W)= 0.8 P (VA) only concerns the calculation for sizing a generator against a reactive load (motor, capacitors, filters, etc.) .


Options | Realizations

Our design office is equipped with CAD&CAM, two platforms for dielectric testing and heat testing.
You can choose from the following options in your request (link): 

  • Multi-voltage loadbanks
  • Medium and high voltage
  • Control box manual section control
  • Automatic power-up
  • Measurement - Recording power measurement - data export
  • 316L stainless steel frame - enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Cos phi setting inductive or capacitive
  • 316 stainless steel resistors Resistance to saline atmosphere
  • Résistance R135 et R80 Ni-Cr faible dérive < 5% et haute précision 2%
  • Seismic resistance

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