Electronic brake

electronic brake

Visit Solbrake brake (SMB) provides smooth, gradual and rapid shutdown of three-phase motorsby injecting DC current into the windings, after opening the contactors.


Solbrake electronic brake- Preventing mechanical wear
- Reduced braking time for high inertia loads
- Adjustable braking time
- Automatic DC injection shut-off when engine is switched off
- Enhanced user safety
- Simple installation & operation


- Braking torque - determines the DC current injected into the motor windings
(setting 1-10)
- Braking time - two operating modes
- Automatic mode: DC injection is switched off automatically when the engine is stopped.
- Manual mode: DC injection is stopped at the end of a preset delay (1-10 sec).
This mode can be used to hold a load momentarily and ensure a complete stop before using a mechanical brake.


- Power on
- Brake contactor closed
- DC injection activated


- Machine tools
- Circular and band saws (flywheels)
- Quick stop for high-inertia loads
- Safety brakes