DC motor starting resistor

Sober, robust and economical

Supplied in IP23 cases, starting resistors are calculated for each application, then manufactured in our stainless steel workshops.
The result: starting resistors that provide identical starts, faithfully accompanying even the toughest processes - vibration, humidity, corrosive atmosphere, heat, cold, dust, etc. Boxes are sized for a specific number of starts and stall time, and protected in the event of overruns.

Advantages Delta resistors

  • Initial motor supply at reduced voltage
  • Take-off torque adjustment
  • Smooth load build-up
  • Economical
  • Fast, accurate start-up analysis
  • Maintenance-free

Shunt or slightly Compound excitation motors

The calculation of times and resistors is the same as for ring motors: the aim is to limit the very high inrush current. To achieve this, a number of resistor plates are inserted in series with the inductor, to be maneuvered at each stroke. The starter resistance is lowered as the inrush current decreases.

Series or Compound excitation motors

Starters for this type of motor are special applications. This requires exact knowledge of the characteristics (torque/current curve, internal resistance, armature reaction).

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