Industrial filter resistors

The use of high-power industrial direct currents is increasingly giving rise to new problems. Disturbances can even modify sensor behavior and trigger electrical safety devices. Installations that used to work perfectly become unstable, networks are disrupted or have a poor flow...

Harmonics: invisible enemies.

Pollution of networks (power, logic and communication) poses many problems. These harmonics have very high frequencies and amplitudes. They pass from one network to another, bringing unexpected problems.

What are the effects?

Cables can be up to three times more stressed and heat up. However, the current clamp will give you the current you expect: because it doesn't measure high frequencies! Without network analysis, you won't be able to find out why thermal relays trip, connections heat up, equipment wears out prematurely.

The solution

Our RLC filters cancel out interference and prevent noise generation, enabling you to make significant energy savings.