Braking resistors

As a French manufacturer of braking resistors, we work in partnership with all the major brands of variable speed drives, as well as the world's most representative crane manufacturers.

Principle: Our braking resistors are capable of absorbing high overloads over the load cycles you define for your braking applications.

Our lead times: Based on the principle that the standard in the definition of a braking resistor is always specific, we have organized a specific production line to guarantee you a fast lead time whatever your technical specification.

Tailor-made definition of your resistance: Our resistors are systematically dimensioned for your applications. We take into account exceptional safety cases and constant loads.

Our design office integrates your applications with precision:

  • Braking time,
  • Braking cycle depending on application,
  • Braking time,
  • Dimensional constraints...

Your quotations:
Our experience in the braking sector guarantees a response to all your questions within 2 hours...

When braking, resistors are subjected to very high power peaks. These peaks can correspond to emergency braking. So it's imperative that resistors respond in all circumstances, and are able to withstand shocks.

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