Earthing resistors

Protecting networks, property and people

The grounding resistor (MALT) controls the maximum current in the event of a leak or insulation fault. 

Strong mastery 

Our design office carefully calculates each application, in compliance with IEEE32-1972 and IEC289 standards (temperature resistance) and EDF recommendations. 

These resistors are crucial to safety, and are installed in unsupervised and sometimes isolated areas. 

A wealth of expertises thousands of resistors in service around the world

Wide range | Modular | Custom-made

from 1A to 2000A

from 380V to 100,000V 

Default from a few seconds to permanent

Hot-dip galvanized sheet metal as standard 

Homopolar resistance

This type of resistor is used for LV transformers and for grounding MV/LV generators or alternators.


Current measurement and display
Isolating switch (isolation and connection of several devices to the same resistor)
Control cabinet
Various connections (inside on copper plate, through top or side, plug-in)
Protection class IP00 to IP55
Earthquake resistance

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