LV - HV electronic starters

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With many years' experience in industry and motorization, we have seen the birth of electronic power control.
Knowing your needs perfectly, we have the best electronic starters on the market.

Solcon: proven and reliable.

In our core business, our strength lies in manufacturing reliable, robust and efficient products. That's why we've chosen to work with SOLCON.
With our extensive knowledge of heavy industries (mining, marine), we can offer you :

  • Medium voltage power starters - 2.2V to 15kV - 48MW - 1800A | HRVS-DN
  • Very high load low voltage starters - 220V to 1200V - 8A to 3000A | RVS-DN


  • robust construction
  • Sophisticated starting and stopping
  • Complete motor protection
  • Simple, intuitive configuration
  • Internal or external triangle coupling
  • Operating temperature up to 60°C
  • Motor insulation self-test
  • Profibus, Modbus and DeviceNet
  • External temperature sensor - thermistor connection
  • Analog output
  • Optional 24V output
  • Marine-standard construction on request


  • Inrush current and jerk suppression
  • Start-up control by 3rd generation microcontroller circuit
  • Capacitor control

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